Quality Irish Flutes

Current Flute Inventory

I usually have a number of flutes already made (see below) and ready for immediate delivery. Since this inventory is constantly changing, please contact me to see if I have the flute that you are interested in. In any case, if I don’t have the flute already made, it usually will only take me a few days to have one ready to ship.

As of 10-27-14 I have a number of 3-piece, 6-hole black and white low D flutes in different configurations in my current inventory. I am building up my inventory for Christmas sales.

The shipping cost for any of the above flutes is: insured USPS priority mail to the USA @ $8-12) and regular airmail to Canada @ $15; insured USPS airmail to most other places in the world @ $20 USD.  Please see the instructions at the bottom of my homepage.

The group of flutes shown below are used flutes that I have for sale.

Group of flutes for sale

The top flute in the photo is a low C flute that I made over 10 years ago. I bought it back on an ebay auction. It has a wood grain vinyl covering, has large finger holes (larger fingers are desirable to cover the holes), and is non tunable. I have redone the embouchure and installed a headjoint wedge. This flute has a very nice tone and good intonation. The price is $40 + shipping. SOLD

The second flute is nearly identical to the top flute only this flute is in low D. It is my opinion that pvc flutes tend to improve with age. I really like this flute. The price is $40 + shipping. SOLD

The middle flute is a two-piece, 8-hole low D flute. It has a copper tuning slide. Like the other vinyl-covered older flutes, this flute has a very strong tone with good intonation. The price is $60 + shipping. SOLD

The flute second from the bottom is a one-piece low D bamboo flute. When I received this flute the intonation was bad,  so had to adjust the tuning holes and recut the embouchure hole. I also installed a Tipple-Fajardo wedge. I had to drill another hole for the 6th hole,  as the original hole was misplaced. This means that the original hole needs to be filled or taped over. This flute plays in tune with good intonation and has a strong mellow tone. I think that this flute looks as nice and plays as well as a “famous name” bamboo flute. The price is $40 + shipping.

The bottom flute is a one piece G flute. This flute has a very strong first octave because of the larger bore for this key. The uppermost two notes of the second octave play better with alternate fingering. It also has a wedge installed for better second octave intonation. The price is $30 + shipping. SOLD

All of the above flutes come with a hand-made cloth bag and a long steel/cotton swab.